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Witches of Eastwick
  • Recommended viewing age:
  • 14 years +
  • Picture it: a little town, full of little people...but what if you don't quite fit in?

    When three disgruntled divorcess get shunned by small-town society they pledge to themselves to make Eastwick existence more bearable. Fuelled by frustraion and well-mixed martinis Jane, Alex and Sukie imagine the one thing that could banish their current "funk": the perfect man. All hell breaks loose - literally - with the arrival of the mysterious Darryl Van Horne who appears to be everything they wanted and more.

    Seducing each of the three women in turn, he leads them into a devilish life of debauchery and scandal, much to the annoyance of Stepford-esque housewife and town busybody Felicia Gabriel. But the three get more than they bargain for when what starts as spells and games turns a lot more sinister...Will one, or more, of them succumb to his wicked ways? Or will sense prevail once they see the devil you know isn't really that much better?

    One thing is for sure - you have to be careful what you wish for.

    Join Stafford & District Operatic Society for this hilarious, hedonistic, musucal tale of magic and mayhem in what promises to be an unforgeattable night at Darryl's/

    Please note: Witches of Eastwick contains scenes which may be unsuitable for children under 14, include themes and language of an adult nature.


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