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The Rider
The Rider
Tuesday 23rd April 2019. 7.30pm

Adults £7.00, concessions £6.00. Price includes a booking fee

Stafford Film Theatre

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Chloé Zhao / USA, Italy, Brazil, France 2017 / 132 min / Cert 15
In this atmospheric film  based on true events, rider Brady Blackburn (Brady Jandreau), is recovering after a near fatal fall during a rodeo, After checking himself out of hospital earlier than advised he is determined to get back into the saddle as being a cowboy is all he knows. His doctor eventually confirms his deepest fear that he cannot sustain another serious head injury, making a return to the rodeo unlikely. Brady has to come to terms with this and  attempts to regain control of his fate and search for new identity as he tries to redefine his idea of what it means to be a man in the heartland of America.

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