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The Bootleg Shadows
The Bootleg Shadows
Saturday 7th September 2019. 7.30pm

All tickets £22.00, no concessions.  Price includes a booking fee

It’s hard to believe it’s over 50 years since Hank B Marvin, Bruce Welch, Jet Harris and Tony Meehan recorded Apache.This was the monster hit that launched the Shadows instrumental career and founded a nation of bespectacled guitarists dreaming of acquiring their very  own Fender Stratocaster, so we are delighted to welcome ‘The Bootleg Shadows’ on their first visit to The Gatehouse Theatre.

With their immaculate appearance,synchronised dance movements and clean, pure melodic sound, the Shadows chalkedup 35 hits of their own (not counting another 33 hits with Cliff Richard),giving them more hits than any other British group and securing them a uniqueplace in the annals of popular music.

Today the Shadows make few live appearances but ‘The Bootleg Shadows’ keep their 'live' sound alive by performing afantasy concert that encompasses the Shadows amazing career from 1960 up untilthe early 80s.Concert audiences are invited to relive fantastic hits such as
Apache,Foot Tapper, Man of Mystery, Atlantis, Wonderful Land, Kon Tiki, Don't Cry forMe Argentina, FBI plus many, many more

In the company of Geoff, Keith, Tony,Tim and Binks the audience is taken on a tour of the Shadows career, withplenty of humour to make it a night out to remember. For anyone who loves thesounds of the 60's - and enjoys a few laughs on the way – ‘The BootlegShadows’ perform aunique tribute that has audiences humming the tunes and doing the Shadowsfamous 'walk' long after they have left the theatre.

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