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Macbeth 2018
Macbeth 2018
28th June - 14th July 2018

First Night - £14.00, no concessions
Sunday, Saturday Matinee, Tuesday evening £18.00, no concessions
Wednesday evening £21 - £19, concessions available
Thursday, Friday, Saturday evening, £26 - £24, concessions available

All prices include a booking fee

School performances Tuesday 3rd, and 10th, and Thursday 5th and 12th July 2018.  Not available to book online.  Please contact the box office for more information.  Please note: these performances are open to the general public.

Stafford Gatehouse Theatre management together with Freedom Leisure have announced that the production for Stafford Festival Shakespeare (SFS) 2018 will be The Bard’s horrific tragedy, Macbeth.

Following the critically-acclaimed, multi award-winning production of The Tempest, Stafford Festival Shakespeare will return to the atmospheric surroundings of Stafford Castle next year and transport audiences to a fictional medieval Scotland where diabolical dark deeds wreak havoc across the land.

Something wicked this way comes.

As the warrior general Macbeth revels in his victory over the Lords rebellious to King Duncan’s Crown, he is greeted by three weird sisters who through some devilish witchcraft prophesise his own ascent to the seat of Scottish power…
Glimpsing this future foretold, Macbeth and his Lady wife plot a murderous scheme to realise their naked ambitions and secure a royal legacy.

But “blood will have blood” and soon Scotland is plunged back into open rebellion as the toll of dark deeds begin to weigh heavy on the new King and Queen. As his enemies circle, Macbeth realises the tragic futility of his actions before he is eventually slain and order returned to Scotland once more. 

A medieval Scottish Macbeth - deliciously amoral, devilishly dark.

Inspired by today’s cultural thirst for supernatural and historical fiction genres (e.g. Game of Thrones, The Tudors, Wolf Hall and the Harry Potter series), Stafford Festival Shakespeare 2018 will offer audiences a sensual, vital, highly visual and visceral production with a vibrant score. A supernatural feast for the senses, #Macbeth2018 will examine naked ambition, deception, jealousy and the worst traits of humankind – in a Scotland rich with warriors, witchcraft and diabolical dark deeds.

Originally set in the ‘11th Century’, Macbeth lends itself perfectly to the backdrop of Stafford Castle, and the site grounds will provide a truly unique opportunity for theatre goers to experience the essence of the text. There has been a rich history at the site of Stafford Castle since 913, and its changing fortunes during the Saxon and Medieval periods echo the tumultuous political history of Shakespeare’s medieval Scotland.

Often on the GCSE syllabus in England, the play will be performed in its entirety (as one of Shakespeare’s shortest plays - James I preferring brevity on his theatre trips), making it ideal for English and Drama students.

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