A Lesson From Auschwitz.

Tuesday 7th May 2019.  8pm

Adults £15.50, concessions £13.50.  Price includes a booking fee.

Age guidance 14 years +

Proceeds will be donated to charity

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Written, Produced and Directed by James Hyland
Performed by Michael Shon and James Hyland

In 1941, Rudolf Höss, Commandant of the Nazi concentration camp known as Auschwitz, assembled his SS personnel in a secret meeting with the express purpose of introducing a new method for exterminating Europe's Jews: Zyklon B, a deadly poison gas. Every soldier in attendance was sworn to secrecy, and no one questioned its usage. No one except a lone Jewish prisoner, forced to participate and humiliated throughout; the very prisoner upon which this "lesson" would be demonstrated.

Based upon real events, 'A Lesson from Auschwitz' explores how and why the Nazis did what they did, shedding light on the mentality of the perpetrators and the disturbing reality of life in a death camp.

Running time: Approximately 60 minutes with no interval

Praise for 'A Lesson from Auschwitz':


"as as piece of theatre it excels in practically every single way... an exceptional piece of work and a vital reminder that something like this can never be allowed to happen again."

Rating: ★★★★★

~Spohie Adnitt,


"MAGNIFICENT... a powerfully realised drama that finds new angles on these events where so many have trod before... the most powerful refutation there could be of Holocaust denial... a majestic statement of the power of theatre"

Rating: ★★★★★
~Tim Hochstrasser, Plays To See


"Both Michael Shon and James Hyland are simply brilliant in their respective roles and deserve the highest of applause for these powerful performances... I honestly believe this was one of the most powerful and most important pieces of theatre I've everseen... This production is the perfect way to remember and to honour those who tragically lost their lives."

~Chloe Fry, Centre Stage

"this production should be seen by all -especially in the light of recent events." 
~Carolin Kopplin, UK Theatre Network

"James Hyland who plays "Höss"(as well as writing, directing and producing the piece) is superb as the sadistic commandant whilst giving us glimpses of the madness of the man... it's important that plays like this are seen by as many people as possible"
~Alan Fitter, London Theatre 1

"Michael Shon gives a powerful performance as Könisberg, a man who has been worn down by life in Auschwitz but who still retains his dignity... This is an incredibly powerful piece by Brother Wolf." 
~Loitering in the Theatre


"An outstanding performance by Brother Wolf... an extremely powerful and thought provoking show. Long will it be remembered."

~FourShires Magazine










Running time: Approximately 60 minutes with nointerval


Recommended for: Ages 14+

This is an immersive theatre play which involves direct audience address as well as scenes of violence which some audience members may find disturbing. The age recommendation is therefore classified as 14+. This category is recommended when the material is suitable for those aged 14 and over. Works classified at this category may upset children under 14 or containmaterial which many parents will find unsuitable for them. In such circumstances, responsibility for allowing a child under 14 to view the work lies with the accompanying adult.


Proceeds will be donated to charity

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